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Aishwarya Sharma
via Google

I joined the gym some 3 months ago. Never done sports my entire life, just light walks and treadmills every now and then. My body and confidence have visibly changed. I am an anxious person but the gym has such amazing coaches (shoutout to coaches Katrina, Erica, Teddy, Kru Vivek and Juan!) and my peers are so supportive that I am never uncomfortable training there-which is a huge thing for me. The gym really emphasizes respect, friendship and pushing each other to be our best versions. I initially took the 2 week trial class for Muay Thai but decided to do kickboxing to get my stances and stamina better. Im on my 4th month now but I know I’ll be here for a long time. Thank you for making me fearless and strong, love my gym!

Benjamin Nguyen
via Google

This place is really nice! The people are friendly and welcoming, especially the coaches. Even the beginner classes are challenging, so I really feel like I can learn and push myself in this gym.

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A welcoming and warm place with a positive feel. The staff and coaches are helpful, patient and really want you to succeed.

Ryan Evans
via Google

Pentagon MMA has become a second home for me and my kids. I have trained off and on for years and this has been the best training environment that I have ever been to. My kids have learned so much from their weekly classes along with their time at the gym's spring break and summer camps. Pentagon MMA is truly a special place, and I'm glad my family is a part of it.

Stephan Roy
via Google

Visited this academy and immediately there was a warm welcome from the staff and students! The instructors are highly knowledgeable and encourage you to succeed. Thank for a wonderful experience Pentagon MMA

Sameer Alam
via Google

Great school, great people, great atmosphere.

Since coming to Pentagon MMA, I’ve lost 25 pounds and I love every day that I’m here.

Travis W
via Google

I have been at Pentagon MMA for 4 months now and it has to be the best decision I have made since moving to the East coast. Though nervous at first, the coaches welcomed me from day one with open arms. Pentagon MMA quickly became as much a family as a place to train due to their patient, helpful, and professional instruction. If you are seeking a place to begin learning martial arts coupled with an intense workout in an uplifting community environment, Pentagon MMA is undoubtedly the place for you.

Victor D
via Google

I just moved from Brazil to Arlington VA and I was looking for a place to continue my jiu-jitsu training and build a new “tatami family!”. The Pentagon MMA team welcomed me with great energy! an amazing team with impeccable teaching. If you're looking for a place to really learn martial arts and build good friendships you really should go to Pentagon MMA. From the bottom of my heart, I just have to thank everyone at Pentagon MMA! I greatly appreciate all your support, training, lessons! Oss! ????

John G
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Pentagon MMA’s after school program is fantastic! Nora does a tremendous job of empowering the kids with self-confidence while letting them have fun. My son has benefitted from the discipline of learning martial arts in a safe environment. This gym has a great sense of community and positive reinforcement that shines through in the children’s programming as well. He can’t wait for summer camp!

Kate D
via Google

My son has been an MMA student and a participant in both the Pentagon MMA aftercare program and the summer camp for the last four years. It’s not just training for a sport; Pentagon MMA has become a big part of my son’s life and it plays a huge roll in his character development, while he simultaneously learns martial arts and has a ton of fun. I asked him if he wanted to do Pentagon MMA camp this summer and his response was, “of course!!”

Andrea Aquilla
via Google

My son is in the little warriors program. At first I was worried because there were so many children in a class, but class size doesn’t matter for these amazing instructors who teach not only martial arts techniques but also children’s leadership skills, confidence, as well as physical strength. Shortly after joining, my son’s behavior in school started improving by leaps and bounds. Now we are in the midst of covid19 and the instructors have done an AMAZING job of moving programs online through live and recorded classes. The additional fun events like the “kids night in” and challenges really make my son feel like part of a social community. This is one of the best organizations we have ever seen for children. I cannot give Pentagon MMA enough positive remarks. Well done and THANK YOU for everything you do to strengthen our kids bodies and minds. This is not just a class, but a community. Thank you.

Philippe Nassif
via Google

I joined Pentagon MMA almost a three years ago. I watched my body transform into the best shape of my life. Who would have know that comes at the age of 35?! Well with Muay Thai, it does! This school has some of the best instructors in the game. Kru Vivek, Kru Chon, and all of the staff give this boutique gym a family feel, one that is active in the community just as they keep you active on the mats. When the pandemic hit, the gym immediately pivoted to online distance learning for the few months they were shut down. I have never seen a business take it on the chin so well (pun intended) and make this kind of a tremendous pivot. It must have cost them lots of money and certainly lots of work. But they did it, and it kept me sane during the worst of quarantine. When they reopened, they made sure people are training in a safe environment where social distancing is heavily implemented and online classes are still offered for those unable to come in. I highly recommend this gym. Anyone, regardless of age or gender or fitness level or experience should try a class out. Keep it up Pentagon MMA and thanks for getting me (and keeping me) in shape during these tough times!

Ashley Valanzola
via Google

Pentagon MMA is an absolutely fantastic gym! I’ve been a member of their Muay Thai program for over four years and I don’t know what I would do without it. When the gym closed because of COVID-19 they shifted effortlessly online, holding live classes almost every day and posting recorded classes on their website. In this way, they never lost the incredible community feeling that has always been present in the gym. Since they reopened recently, they quickly re-adapted once more, finding a way to hold in-person and online classes while complying with all the COVID-19 requirements for gyms. I feel completely comfortable taking their in-person classes. Even with the required modifications, the workouts as just as challenging as they were before. I have recommended Pentagon MMA to countless friends and family members. It doesn’t get any better than this gym!

Ayan Karim
via Google

I can honestly say that I’ve never learned so much so quickly. The instructors are experienced and really know how to bring your martial arts potential, whether your goals are just to get fit or your an experienced martial artist looking to compete, there’s a spot here for everyone and everyone gets better together. I personally take Muay Thai can measurably see my improvement in skill and fitness every time I go. All in all this place is awesome.

Eric Han
via Google

We enrolled our five-year old in Pentagon MMA's Little Warriors program. Our only regret is that we didn't enroll him earlier. Reluctant to participate and shy at first, he not only learned the fundamentals of jiu-jitsu and self-defense, but also developed self-confidence, self-respect, focus, and respect for others. Highly encouraged for all children.

Mark P
via Google

This is my first ever martial arts gym that I ever attended and will probably be the only gym I ever go to from here on out. Staff is super friendly and the gym has some amazing coaches. I have only ever attended the BJJ classes but I'm sure their Muay Thai classes are just as excellent. Unfortunately due to the Covid pandemic I had to cancel my membership. However they are also offering live classes thru video chat I believe, which is awesome for those of you who want to learn martial arts thru the comfort of your home. Once this pandemic is over I will for sure be returning. Would give 6 stars if possible.

Caitlin D
via Google

I cannot say enough positive things about Pentagon MMA. I moved to VA without knowing anyone and I quickly made life long friends here. In addition to these connections, I learned not only Muay Thai, but the ART of Muay Thai. I cannot stress how rare this is. Pentagon MMA is not just a cardio kickboxing class. You will learn proper technique, the art of Muay Thai and its origins, and boost your self-confidence. Vivek was the best teacher I have ever had in Muay Thai, and I have yet to find a school that even comes close to PMMA now that I have moved north for work. Best Muay Thai school around!

Julia B
via Google

Awesome place. I love training here. Have been learning Muay Thai for over a year. The trainers are excellent and the community outstanding. The facility is always clean and all the staff is very friendly. I would recommend this gym to anyone: Beginners and advanced. Master Chon keeps the lessons interesting so that you will learn something new.

Beth B
via Google

My son is in summer camp at Pentagon MMA in Arlington. It's fantastic -- he's really happy and they have a very organized and well-run program. In addition to martial arts, they take several field trips (and even had a back-up field trip set up for a rainy day), and do a lot of activities with character-building elements. When I picked him up a few minutes early at the end of his first day, he asked me if he could stay longer and keep playing with his new friends. I'm very impressed with the staff and coaches, and I definitely plan to sign him up again next summer.

Kieran T
via Google

Pentagon MMA is excellent!!! My 4-year-old son started with the aim of learning self-defence, but he has learnt so much more! His confidence, listening and responsiveness, and focus and concentration have all improved!!! Thanks Pentagon MMA.

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